Monday, 8 April 2013

Stolen Sorrows

I wrote this poem because I've been thinking a lot about Matthew Shepard who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 because he was gay. This poem is for him. But it isn't only for him. This poem is for everyone who had their lives taken from them too soon, for everyone who has lost things that are never meant to be stolen. This is a poem for everyone.

Stolen Sorrows

Stolen sorrows, stolen sorrows
Sold and squandered my tomorrows
Hearing the sigh of time slip by
Crawling towards the day I die

I stiffen at the sharp stab of pain
I hear him whisper with disdain
Stolen sorrows, stolen sorrows
Sold and squandered my tomorrows

I dream of a love that dare not speak its name
The disgust of a world that burns with a righteous flame
A black and gleaming, long and jagged scar
A voice so lost, I don’t know where you are

Stolen sorrows, stolen sorrows
Sold and squandered my tomorrows
You were the fool who threw away
The comforts held by yesterday

The barbed metal fence against my back
The never ending crush of fear
The blood that clings to all my face
Except the skin cleansed by my tears

They scream until I cannot hear
Until I cannot see the sky
Then leave me slumped, afraid, alone,
I cannot move, too late to cry

Stolen sorrows, stolen sorrows
Sold and squandered my tomorrows
I never got the chance to look
Or bargain back the days they took 


  1. Dearest Octa *hugs tightly and forever* Such a beautiful bittersweet tribute to Matthew Shepard.
    It is bittersweet to me because he is getting a tribute and even though he is gone, his life will be remembered for what he went through and honored.
    I know there have been other victims too who suffered fates such as Matthew's. I think there was a movie about a girl who dressed as a boy and she was murdered too.
    I really hope this poem gets published and is seen around the world and that it inspires people to respect and honor life and not t take it away.
    I love this poem. It made me cry but it inspired me too. Thank you for this poem. You have such a lovely huge heart. *hugs tight*

  2. Octa, thank you so much for this poem.

    We talked about Matthew Shepard recently in one of my classes. It was incredibly emotional for me and I almost had to leave the class, and your poem has returned those powerful feelings to me. My school is...not the most accepting of places. I wish I could show them all your poem now, because I think it would certainly change the way they think for the better.

    This is a fantastic tribute to Matthew Shepard's memory.

    Again, thank you Octa.

    1. Thank you so much for reading *hugs*

      And I'm absolutely fine with you sharing this poem with your classmates if you want to.

      I'm so glad you think this is a worthy tribute.