Sunday, 5 May 2013

On Semicolons and Ampersands: Forty Four Statements I Hold Most Dear

Firstly I want to thank Thalia so much for inspiring this poem with her own amazing poem. Click here. Seriously it's brilliant. I hope you don't mind I stole the last lines for my title. I really suggest that you all write your own poems on what you believe because people believe the most fantastic things and if you have no inspiration then this is a wonderful place to start. One of the things I don't mention in the poem is that the best inspiration comes at night but why did my brain chose 2:30 a.m to think over the things I believe?
Anyway I hope you enjoy the poem and if you haven't already read Thalia's then I hope you enjoy hers too.

On Semicolons and Ampersands: Forty Four Statements I Hold Most Dear

I believe in certain dark things but that they won’t seem so bad tomorrow.

I find fervency in fiction where others only see words.
I grieve the deaths and celebrate the joys of characters as I would my own family.
I believe that words can touch the heart and quicken the senses.

I believe in optimism unfettered by fact or convention or tradition
I believe in pragmatism infused with hope
And in pessimism not beyond reach of happiness.

I believe too often we define an ‘I’ and an ‘other’
And overlook the greater us.
I believe in letting your dreams consume you
Even when others find them amusing.

I believe the tragedy of King Lear is imperfect because it is unsatisfying
But its greatness stems from our sense of unfulfillment.
I believe the Jabberwocky was misunderstood
And Jub-Jub birds should never be shunned.

I believe that kindness, compassion and second chances are not innate
But learnt, chosen and even more wonderful for being so.
I believe no one is deserving of hatred,
Not even those who would not afford that same opportunity to me.

I believe that love makes us vulnerable but it also makes us trusting.
And those who nurture our trust will always be sacred.
I believe that spirituality is something greater than myself.
And I do not find it in God
But in the ocean, the stars and humanity.

I believe that Albus Dumbledore was the greatest wizard there ever was
That happiness can be found,
Even in the darkest of times,
If one only remembers to turn on the light.

I believe that the universe doesn’t always conform to our expectations.
I will never understand why the mantis shrimp chooses death and darkness when it has access to a beauty beyond anything I can imagine.

I believe that the only place where a madman can invite you into a box
And it’s okay is on Doctor Who and that okay will never be my always.
I believe that man seeks for reason but is a truly irrational creature
And that our contradictions and our paradoxes make us human.

I believe that animals feel emotion and that we are not alone
And the most touching thing I ever heard was spoken by a parrot.
I believe that trees are sentient and if I could experience the sensations of another life form
I would choose an oak or possibly a pine.

I believe in the curiosity of Einstein and the dream of Martin Luther King.
I believe that equality must be fought for
That violence will only lead to violence
And that war is only a necessary evil
For those who find living with peace impossible.

I believe there is a community for everyone
And the day you are welcomed will burn bright in your mind
For as long as the candle of your memories is shining.
I believe that memory is our most precious possession
And that we do live with Dementors and we call them dementia.

I believe in lust at first sight and that love brings commitment and commitment brings love.
I believe in songs and stories and sunshine.
I believe that Time has a sound and fear has a taste and that Monday is a pale silvery blue.
I believe in friends I’ve never met and in cities I’ve never seen and the deeds of dead heroes.

I believe that we must acknowledge not all evil people are mad
That sane people can commit atrocities too.
That we should treat the mentally ill with respect
And that stigma is the ugliest word I know.

I believe that shadows are a symbol of presence because they lack substance.
That nothing will come from nothing.
And isn’t it strange that something so closely attached to you seems to have a life of its own?

I believe that Oscar Wilde said a lot of shit
But he really hit the nail on the head with “to define is to limit.”
I believe that cherries play a much larger role in The Picture of Dorian Gray than expected.
And overanalysing the trivial is both hilarious and meaningful.

I believe that darkness blinds and light blinds and moderation is only good in moderation.
I believe that love is all you need but oxygen is a nice bonus.
I believe the real food of love is not music but my grandma’s chicken soup.
I believe emotions are like good advice since it is important to listen to both.

I believe that 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything
And that 42 will always have a special place in the hearts of those
Who adore wit, humour and just plain silliness.

I believe that funerals are for the living
That they should be a celebration of life rather than a mourning of death
Which is a deeply personal matter.

I believe the expression “that’s so gay” should be reserved
For only the most fabulous objects and the loveliest of people.
I believe that privacy can be used as an excuse to justify hurtful behaviour
And just because there are no windows
Doesn’t mean a decline in standards is any less shameful.

I believe grammar should be used for clarity of speech
Not as a weapon to stifle the voices of others.
I believe the pen and the sword can both pierce the heart
But the pen has a nobler purpose in doing so.

I believe that change should never be feared
And I strive to accept that tradition should be respected.
I believe in thanking those who help you
So thank you Thalia for sharing the things you believe in.

I believe the most pleasant music of all can be found in the sound of our words
For there is no greater delight than voicing a word
Simply because it is unusual and beautiful and new.

But most of all I believe in behemoths and passion fruit.


  1. Octa this is so wondrously fantastic.

    It is beautiful and eloquent and so incredibly insightful.

    I'm in awe of you and your brilliance.

    You're such an amazing poet, Octa. This poem is really lovely and magnificent. So deep and touching and profound.

    I love it.

    I'm so glad I managed to inspire you.

    You're brilliant.

  2. I love this Octa, so very much! I find it distressing to not be able to convey the depth of how much I love and delight in this poem.
    You and Thalia both inspire so much when we read your work. :D
    I might just try a poem such as this myself. (you are a trend setter in poetry Thalia) :D

  3. Octa, this is exceptional.

    Like I said on Thalia's poem, it narrows down your whole personal being, your innermost thoughts and emotions that, if you can read both what's in front of you and between the lines, you can laugh and cry and understand you so deeply its incredible.

    Yet again you have presented a beautiful piece of writing beyond compare. Thank you for sharing ~hugs~