Thursday, 4 April 2013

Blood and Honey

Why are human beings so fascinated with these two substances? Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy :)

Blood and Honey

The searing heat of liquid gold
The ichor of alien veins
The trickle of nectar, imbibed by a bee
The indigo splash of an ink stain

The taste of frustration and salt in tears
The wealth and corruption of oil
The rose scented perfume, released in a squirt
The sweat born of terror or toil

Yet the liquids that enthral us
More than love or money
Is our fascination
With blood and honey

The symbol for family
Life, death and love
Magic and sacrifice
All course through our blood

The integral factor of every ritual
Used to summon gods and raise the dead
Prolongs survival yet life drains with it
Food of vampires, vibrant red

And oh the sweet and cloying honey
A thing of pleasure, wealth and lust
Oozing, sticky, golden, runny
Squeezed from nature’s stinging bust

Healing wounds and rotting teeth
Glazing apples, toast and cake
Drowning insects who fall foul of
A dripping sugary aftertaste

Wine so old it’s brewed in myth
Laughing soup that thinks you’re funny
None compare and none can bear
The deities of blood and honey

1 comment:

  1. Your mind is a treasure of beautiful genius ideas and magical words that can weave wonderful poems liek this and transport the reader to a place of wonder.
    You never fail to amaze me with your poems Octa. You are the Golden One of poems and writing! I love this delightful poem. It feels powerful and pretty and mystical to me. My simple mind will never be able to match one as clever and brilliant as yours. ALl the mor ereason why I celebrate you and your gifts. *hugs tight*