Thursday, 4 October 2012

Real As Rage

Real as Rage


Send entry in
I never win

What’s the big deal?
Too abstract
People want to relate
Facts not fantasy
Write about something that’s real
Then you’ve appeal

Be direct
Well I can’t get more direct than this
Hey you! Yes you!
I’ve a message to share
I don’t care
I’ll write what I like
Whole new worlds
Don’t need to address the situation
In some war torn poverty struck nation
Facing devastation
Watch me soar
Watch me roar
On some alien shore
Characters galore
And I’ve plenty more
Where that came from.

Please appreciate
Try to relate
The message is there
If you want it to be
You see
My poetry is what you make it
How you shape it and take it
I’m letting you know how I feel
Hope that it’s real enough
For your anti-fiction addiction
But enough of my rage
I’m reaching the end of the page
Will probably end it


  1. Sometimes I just don't have the words to express what I feel when I read somehting. But when I read this I just wanted to shout HELL YEAH! DON'T MESS WITH OCTA! HE IS A MASTER YOU PUNY SMALL MINDED PEOPLE!
    Sometimes it seems as if the people are just so slow during the lifetime of a master artist. (like Vincent van Gogh) It was not till after he dies that his work was recognised for what it was.
    I really am hopeing the people of this generation are more bright and aware and that they do not let another master down. I will always be behind you in support Octa for you are my favorite poet. (and the most beautiful)

  2. Octa, this is BRILLIANT!
    I can totally relate to this! As soon as I strarted reading the first words, I'm grinned and thought, "Now THIS is brilliance! Who knew that you could vent your utter rage into such a wonderful poem?"
    And I'll be damned if no one recognises your genius. You are AWESOME, I swear. Also, iI love the way you ended it!

    "I'm reaching the end of my page,
    I will probably end it,

    Damn, Octa, this is amazing!
    OCTA FTW! :D

  3. This is amazing
    This poem written by Octa
    the poet of purple places

    I relate so much
    to your maaaaaaaagical poems
    even if they're often overflowing with fantasy

    I wanted to make a responds poem
    (because I hate my English teacher)
    and to represent caged writing pieces

    but poems take a lot of work
    (that's why you people are so great)
    and I'm not that good at them.
    but besides that

    I'm not going to follow rules.
    Because this is just plan writing, people.
    And I guess I could think of a good ending, but-


  4. People need to think in the abstract

    Otherwise life is no fun

    Awesome poem :D