Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Dreams Are Simple

I really like this poem. I was in tears by the time I reached the end. Again I'm sharing with you a little piece of my heart. Love is a human right and rights should never be put to a vote. But since they are if anyone lives in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota or Washington and are old enough to vote (or know someone old enough to vote) please vote to give others like me the right to love.

My Dreams Are Simple

My dreams are simple
My dreams are few
So easy to grant
Bring great joy if you do

I want to fall in love
Share our first kiss
Think of him always
Heart bursting with bliss

Get down on one knee
Propose sweetly and gently caress
And cry with laughter
When he says yes

Come the wedding day
Walk down the aisle
I love how his face
Is too small for his smile

My husband for life
My world is now perfect with you
Find a home, settle down
Raise a child or two

Wipe away their tears when they cry
Read them a story
Put them to bed
Sing them to sleep with a lullaby

Watch them grow
Watch them learn
As they explore the unknown
As they go off to uni
And raise children of their own

Then sit by the fire
My head in his lap
Him reading to me
As I begin to nap
And after a night of making love
Change the drenched sheets
Hold him close to my heart
Listen to him breathe whilst he sleeps

Grow old together
Look back on a life lived well
And mourn when my love is taken from me
Or me from him
Only time will tell

Yet these dreams remain beyond me
I am destined to remain alone
For my rights are held in chains
By people who want me to atone

“Somebody please think of the children”
“I believe in God and in Jesus”
“Your life would infringe on my religious liberties”
“I love you the way I love murderers”

All of these reasons are given
For why my love must be forbidden
Yet the real reason is to my eternal dismay
I make people uncomfortable by being gay


  1. So much passion and power in this poem Octa. Such beautiful dreams you have and I hope and pray they ALL happen to you. I really do feel they will.
    This poem has so much strength and heart; so much beauty but also so much pain as these dreams are seemingly held from you. But I hope that soon you will no longer be held back by anything and can have the freedom to love and to be loved as you are created.
    I love you Octa and I love this poem. I hope you can make this poem as public as possible. It is epic and needs to be shared.

  2. Thank you for once again sharing something so deep with us. I hate that our world is the way it is today. You deserve to have your happiness and have your dreams come true. I believe that someday they will no longer be dreams.


    Phenomenal poem.