Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Teddy Bear Massacre

Hmmm... yes. Poor teddy bears. But it all has a happy ending. Odd that. Normally there is no happy ending. But ummm HAPPY ENDINGS YAY!!!!!!! Enjoy!

The Teddy Bear Massacre

Sitting alone in a dark musty room
In the cold and the dank and the damp and the gloom
A young girl is howling from loss and from dread
Picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Her name is Kallista, a beautiful goddess queen
Left alone in a lonely and terrible scene
With great mounds of teddy bears piled by her bed
She picks up one sadly and rips off its head.

As billows of stuffing fall from the ripped seam
And Kallista flits into an uneasy dream
Almost mechanically, finds a loose thread
Picks up the teddy bear, rips off its head.

This soft toy addiction to slash and destroy
To massacre teddy bears, with a strange savage joy
All stems from a moment where her lover fled
So she picks up a teddy bear, rips of its head.

Abandoned by someone she entrusted her heart
When he broke it to pieces and ripped it apart
Kallista was devastated wished she was dead
So she picked up her teddy bear, ripped off its head.

As millions of heads meet their end on the floor
And the stuffing runs thick as the bears are no more
She tries to recover that which was unsaid
So she picks it up numbly and rips off its head.

The unstaring eyes, so glassy and round
As the corpses of teddy bears litter the ground
All of them mutilated, none of them bled
But she picks up another and rips off its head.

 Yet none of the teddy bears lessen the pain
And the gaping big hole in her heart will remain
Be it blue, be it orange or purple or red
She picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Stuck in a cycle, one without end
An eternity waiting for her heart to mend
To hasten the healing, a shred by a shred
She picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

Yet who is this person who stands in her sight?
Outlined by the shadows, outlined by the light.
And behind him more shadows, inside her room tread
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And as more of the people stride into the place
A tear starts to roll down her pale pretty face
For these are her friends and the one she would wed
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And as they lead her away from the dark musty room
With concern in their eyes at the dank and the gloom
They comfort Kallista (an instinct inbred)
As she picks up a teddy bear, rips off its head.

And suddenly Kallista is bursting with glee
As she comes to the end of her teddy bear spree
For she’s safe, with companions who lead her ahead
As she picks up a teddy bear, hugs it instead.



  1. FTW
    *claps her hands delightedly*

    *cries with happiness*
    You brightened up my day with this poem!
    Beautifully and wonderfully written as all your poems are with a special touch of magic that can only come from the masterful hand of our beloved Purple Poet.
    *hugs him and does not let go*
    Thank you so much for this poem! It's truely epica!

    *quickly writes hundreds of apology notes, sews on bears heads, and gives them the notes*


  2. *sighs*
    Look. I said I was sorry and I sewed all thier heads back on.

    *gives everybody teddy bears to hug*
    There you go. Hug away.

    *leaves them to to it*

  3. AMAZING poem, Octa! So beautiful. Hurray for happy endings!

  4. YAY! A happy ending!

    One that you don't die in!

    But all those teddy bears.....

    Beautiful poem about Kal!


  5. AH! Absolutely epic (like all your poems) really moving!

  6. Awww! That's so incredibly awesome-sauce, Octa! I loved it so much :D
    I can't get over how amazingly brilliant you are at poetry! It's unbelievable that I have friends so talented!
    ~sweeps everyone in Dereksville Blogland into a giant hug~
    I love you all!

  7. Yay! *hugs teddy bear*

    *hugs Kallista*

    *hugs Octa*

    *hugs everyone*

  8. HOLY COW! This Is awesomesauce I love it !! Yaay for happy endings!! =D

  9. Awesomeawesomeawesome Octa!! <3 happy endings!
    *hugs teddy bears and sews on heads*
    *hugs everyone else*

  10. It is lovely to be here again. Such wonderful memories. Always will treasure all your poems Octa. <3