Friday, 26 August 2011

Gossamer Threads

So here's another poem for you all. Make of it what you will. I shall neither confirm or deny anything. :P

I hope you enjoy!

Gossamer Threads

A spider’s web of romance
So delicate and pure
Yet also incorrigibly tangled
 As we fall and we soar

Each strand is a person
Their love and their life
And my own strand began
 With a husband and wife

For a wonderful girl
So welcoming and kind
Ensured I belonged
Wouldn’t leave me behind

She rekindled my poetry
Which had long dormant lain
Thus helping to place me
And friendships to gain

As we danced in the moonlight
We suddenly knew
Our love for each other
Was real and true

Yet although others saw this
And were happy and hale
Another young man
Enters into my tale

A best friend to her
For many halcyon days
But he loved another
In our crossing of ways

He hugged her good night
Every night for a year
And I never suspected
A deep rooted fear

For his loved one departed
Without a good bye
Vanished from our little world
Fled through the sky

So in order to comfort him
And prevent him from harm
My loved one proposed to him
With elegant charm

Yet he asked my consent
So I willingly stepped aside
And gave them my blessing
As he took away my bride

Their wedding was splendid
As our friends across the world
All gathered together
As the marriage unfurled

We still loved each other
Like the sea tides do ebb
And then another gossamer thread
Wove into our web

She joined our small world
And her love was so strong
For our interests are shared
In books, music and song

And though I still loved the first
I loved her back too
And I filled up with anguish
What was I to do?

Do I go with my heart?
Do I go with my head?
In the end I chose neither
I chose nothing instead.

I would lock down my feelings
On my love I’d not act
For I couldn’t choose one
When the other would react

Though they both said it was nothing
And to be devoted to the other
Though both were so selfless
And their own love they’d smother

I knew that deep down
They would both feel the pain
If one were abandoned
Happiness they’d feign

So they both hid their love
For I knew in the end
I would have to accept them
As only a friend

I wish to return
To the man that she wed
For he now loved another
Who I’ve still left unsaid

This strand in my story
I don’t know much about
And I haven’t a clue
How that strand will turn out

Yet I know that the wedding
It ended. And sadly.
No longer together.
Their time ended badly.

For it put my first love
Through such anguish and loss
She felt so alone
At a terrible cost.

She believed that her friends
Would abandon her just
When she needed them most
As her life turned to dust

Yet her friends they stood by her
And I know she’ll recover
For I’m there for her always
As friend and as lover.

And though I love two
And the two both love me
How this web will turn out
Is a mystery to me.

For that’s still in the future
It all lies ahead
And so does the end
Of my gossamer thread.


  1. The magic, beauty, and pain of this poem is magnificent and bittersweet. I don't know if I can find the words I need to in order to describe how I felt and what I thought as I read this epica poem.
    All I know is that I love this poem deeply. But not as much as I love the author of it.
    Youbless so many people with who you are and also with your great gifts. I wish that you could have much joy and happiness too.
    *hugs Octa*
    Thanks you fo rthis poem! It is extrodinary!

  2. That "you can only love one person" rule is stupid. :-P Hope everything works out so everyone can be happy!

  3. Octa! This is amazing! Both because it's very sad and because I'm curious to find out the end of this- if there is an end...

    Keep on writing! And remember; we ALL LOVE YOU!!!


  4. Wow, Octa, this is so beautiful and sad and mysterious... Thank you for writing! :)

  5. Octa, I do so envy your courage and talent

    all I can say is that I truly hope that the queen ends up with who she deserves - in other words, someone brilliant and courageous and talented.

  6. *wraps arms around Octa and stares back at Nyx*

    Aww, get in her you!
    *grabs her and makes it a group hug*

    Bring Rosella next time will ya? She is behind on hugs and noogies.