Monday, 29 August 2011

Sweet Harte

Well as you may or may not know I have a list of people I want to write poems for. When I added Lenka to this list she was one of 9. When I wrote this poem she was one of 62. So I'm sorry for the amount of time it took to finally write it, but I hope you enjoy it. N.B. I've now written poems for 8 of these 9 poems. Orius Rove, I will write you a poem eventually, even if you no longer go on this blog and most likely will never read it. But I'll write it one day just the same.

Sweet Harte

By day she’s known as Lenka Sweet
By night as Jodi Harte
Though seemingly different people
They cannot be told apart

Though Jodi Harte is a con artist
Cold eyes of ocean blue
A rainbow clip in her ebony hair
Sarcastic, calm and true

Whilst Lenka Sweet, she always smiles
Delightful to her friends
Talented and awesome sauce
Her good skills have no end

Jodi Harte, her parents dead
She fights with twin sai swords
An elemental, loves to bake
And gather her rewards

Yet Lenka Sweet with wondrous taste
Starkids, SP, Glee
She loves to write, she does it well
An excellent fantasy

Jodi Harte is a twisted soul
Or maybe a broken mind
Though she isn’t evil, she isn’t good
She’s the hard to place gray area kind

Lenka Sweet is such a kind soul
So wonderful funny and weird
In the best type of way (it’s a good thing okay)
No wonder she’s often revered

Yet these twin personalities deeply entwined
Are actually one and the same
Jodi Harte is a mask for the Lenka beneath
A person to cope with the blame

For our dear Lenka Sweet who we love and adore
Has suffered tough times in the past
Though I don’t wish to mention them
I just want to say that your friendships with us are to last

For the friends that we make are so precious
Outlasting empires and more
So I’m glad you came back to be with us
Not a golden memory of yore

For Jodi and Lenka are treasures
So different and yet so the same
Both special and wondrous and brilliant
In the shadows, a burning bright flame



  1. Octa that was BEAUTIFUL!!

    Soo Moving i love it!!
    You are a talented poet and you are really going places with this talent!!

  2. Beautiful as always Octa. It is sweet and bright poem. Bravo!

  3. OH! FTW!
    OCTA! This is BRILLAINT! This poem is so amazingly clever yet full of heart and deep meaning. Ihope our dear Lenka knows these words are very true and that we hold her in our hearts. We will do so forever.
    Beautifully and epicly done Octa. I love it so much! :D
    Thank you for giving us another treasure about a treasure. ;)

  4. YAAAAAY!!!

    Epica poem Octa!


    And I partly inspired the very last line!
    *is happy*


  6. Amazing :D She'll love it, Octa.

    I was smiling the whole way captured her perfectly!

    Epica xD

  7. Beautiful Octa! It's like a melody...!

  8. Oh wow... This is amazing! Thank you so so much Octa! I adore this! :D

    It's absolutely wonderful <3 I don't think anyone can wipe the smile of my face right now xD I'm practically beaming xxx