Thursday, 27 January 2011

Servant to Serum

This poem was written for Lizzy. I believe that even vampires have a softer side although they keep it hidden. Enjoy!

Servant to Serum

She wandered through the frosted wood
With none to see her cry
Alone, and racked with grief beneath
A vast uncaring sky.

Servant of her serum
A crystal concoction of hemlock and wolf bane
Saturated with liquid sunlight
To mask the vampire curled sleeping within
That rises with the coming of the night.

Yet she is safe
The serum flows through her veins
Tranquilising her baser nature
Whilst the sun is sleeping

Lizzy weeps and slumps against a tree
Memories of last night’s horror
The red miasma in her brain
The innocent infant screaming in terror
 The sticky crimson blood
And the tiny head staring sightlessly
At its own half chewed body

Lizzy’s eyes well up once more
The sticky metallic tang of the blood
Never leaving her tongue or her nightmares
For that night she failed to serve the serum
And she fled with the darkness

Alone again, she drops the facade
Of ruthless civility
The steel glint fades from her eyes
As grief and horror rack her painfully thin body
The centuries fall away and the little girl is left
Before she became this heartless monster

Lizzy thinks of the words she would growl at her victims
“If you wish to die a horrible death, please, come closer”
And the outburst ceases
She regains her merciless personality
And vows never  again to disobey the serum
Lest she recovers her soul.


  1. WHOA!!!!!
    Beauiful, haunting, and horror combined!
    Another wonderful masterpiece Octa! Knowing Lizzy, she's gonna love it!
    I love it!
    PURE EPICA!!!!!!
    Bravo Octa!

  2. Epica! She's going to love it!

    Damn, you're good at writing. :(

    ....just one thing... Her name is Lizzy.... But the actual vampire's name (the O.C) is Bridget Whiplash...

    I'm sure she won't mind...

  3. *looks from Lizzy to the dead infant and back to Lizzy again*

    Hmph!!!! See if I ever have you babysit again!!!


  4. *gasps at awesomeness of the poem*


    how can something be so deep,dark,meaningful and beutiful at the same time?

    and that octa, is why you are an incredible poet ;)

  5. 0.0

    *stares at Octa for a moment*


    (In other words, can u write me a poem?)


  6. Need I say anything, friend?

    ...Can I ask of you a favour? Would you write me another poem? I understand if not...

    A heart yearns for everything,
    It knows it can never have,
    It sings a song a thousand times,
    But knows it's never heard.

    A fairytale to plague the mind,
    With friends and foe alike,
    A sight to see them in your head,
    A place you'll never find.

    A place to mind your weary soul,
    From the lonely jaded road,
    Where kings weep and fallen sheep,
    Cluster in silent hope.

    A heavy wind to knock the gates,
    Of heavens blissful role,
    A devil's way of making pain,
    Become a daily chore.

    And the heart aches,
    A mind breaks,
    A soul shatters,
    And the devil's won.

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

    P.S. Yes I'm sad-ish...

  7. *Gapes and stares at poem*


    what is this......?

    is this real?

    *starts crying*



    just realised i hadn't followed...........

    i hit myself.....

  8. Oh Mary. I'm sorry that I didn't reply to this earlier I've been so very busy/lazy.

    But of course I shall write you another poem soon I hope. I've missed you around the blog without our awesome representative of Canada and I'm honoured that you asked me to write you a poem. Do you want it to be a sad one? Like the Persuit of Hiashiness in reverse. Because the worst thing when your sad is some happy chirpy person talking. You just want to be sad and to be allowed to remain sad until you've got over your feelings.

    Please reply telling me if this is ok for a poem. Or if you want any specific poem.

  9. I meant honoured that you chose to leave a reply on my blog. As well as that you asked me to write a poem.

    Hope you see this post.


    Simple mistakes can kill if you're a vampire...