Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Razor Tears

There is too much child abuse in this world. Too many parents raise their children badly when they could raise them well. I don't mean to hurt anyone with this poem, if it upsets you please let me know and I'll take it down.

Razor Tears

You raise a child
Yet raise your hand against them
Berate them for raising Cain
But you won’t raise a finger
To protect them
She tries to please but you raise the roof
You raise your voice
And the sound could raise the dead
But whenever life raises the stakes
You raise an eyebrow
Unwilling to raise your head
And in company you raise awareness
Of the suffering children abroad
You raise a respectable facade
Raise a glass in a toast
To a life well lived
 Your child raises a cake
To try to make you happy
But instead you raise a complaint
Too many raisins
And you raise the pressure
You raise her pain
You raise doubts about her self-worth
But the school play comes along
They raise the curtain
And you are nowhere to be seen
She dreams of raising a dragon
Raising it wild
To raise a flag in her own private shelter
Far away where you cannot raise hell
You cannot raise havoc
Or raise fire
Where she no longer fears you raising your hackles
You have not raised a child
You have razed your child
Razed them to the ground
As you would raze a fortress
Leaving her with razor tears
That cuts her when she cries
And so I have to raise a question


  1. This is.... perfect, Octa. Try to publish it. This should be in the world.

  2. This is incredibly powerful. Skyril is right, Octa. This needs to be heard.

  3. *hugs Octa tightly*
    I love this Octa. I feel so vindicated and understood by you. I mean, you may not have written it while thinking of me, but I related to it and I feel that finaly there is a voice besides my own, (Yours being the stronger more respcted one)and I don't feel quite as alone on my own anymore. *hugs tight again*
    You have written this with such feeling and widome. I hope it does get published. It's so worthy as all your poems are.