Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Tempest Of Thor

Well I haven't heard from Thor for a while but I hope he'll read it one day and enjoy it. So I post this mainly for the rest of you. Enjoy!

The Tempest of Thor

The roar of thunder resonates across the heavens
Giant billowing clouds of cinereal temper
Form a rumbling avenue of squalls
As the rain lashes down in sheets of ocean
Lightning blazing in blinding moments
Of pure light and darkness
As Thor enters into the room

Tall, thin and mighty
His electric blue eyes hide behind shades
His war hammer swinging in the violent winds
As the tempest swirls in blustery grandeur
He smiles a crooked smile
As he commands the firmaments
Raining down tragedy
On those unfortunate wretches
Who crossed the path of Thor

The ghastly overpowering boom
Wrenching the sky apart
As burning ice
Tumbles into the void
A blizzard of hail ablaze
As Thor vents his fury

And as the deep ocean depths
And the pinnacle of the sky
Unite in a frenzy of froth and fog
Two extremities forced to combine
By the iron will of Thor

Black lightning flows from his fingertips
And the sea surges from his mouth
Electrocuting and drowning his foes
A salty torrent entices his tongue
And a tingling current caresses his hands
As the tempest rages into the night
Building as sea and sky combine
They submit before Thor
In a gusty climax
As the world begs its master
For release


  1. WOW

    EPICA Octa! So brilliant and powerful!

  2. OH MY GOSH! JUST SOOO...OH! *dashes outside overcome with the thrilling poem*

    *screams in delight*

    *gets struck by 999,999,999 bolts of lightning*

    *staggers back in smoldering*

    THIS IS SO MAGNIFICENT!!!! SO exciting and POWERFUL! So beautiful in your rich descriptions! It's BEYOND EPICA!!!!

    *bows head solemnly*

    May this masterfully splendid poem call out through all space and time, to the thick skull of our absent friend Thor and bring him back!

    And now...a hug for the genius master poet who wrote this.
    *hugs Octa*
    I love this Octa. I know Thor will be stunned and moved beyond words when he reads this. I predict that this will make him positivly GLOW with happiness!

  3. Wow! Octa, this is amazing!

    I can imagine the (epic) scene as if it were before me!

    Keep on writing!

  4. Wow... I don't know what to say....
    Octa, thank's so much!
    You ROCK. epicly.
    wow... just... wow.
    Can't think of positive enough words to describe my reaction to this.
    Wow. Thanks. SO. frikkin'. much.