Friday, 2 September 2011

Dancing Through Life

Well here is another poem I've wanted to write for a long time. It's for Thalia. Enjoy!

Dancing Through Life

Carefree and mischievous
With a smile in her eyes
Thalia Circe laughs
As Dusk looks on in surprise

She babbles a lot in Spanish
Then beats him with a chair
Then leaves him lying on the floor
Staring at her black and messy hair

Yet those eyes of stormy grey
Are so caring and deep
So strong and silent when in pain
A treasure of talent asleep

An adept and a mind reader
So sensitive and kind
Yet even though her heart is large
She’s sometimes left behind

Yet her friends unlock her talents
And they marvel when they do
For her poetry is wonderful
Her stories superb too

And even when she’s crying
Her friends will help her through
And then Thalia is strong again
They know this to be true

She created the rainbow squirrel
And she has an evil cat
Diligent, clever, witty, crazy
Nothing wrong with that

Writer of Crown to Eye Patch,
 A Poem- Little Owl
Timeless Sergiyevskoye
Yet she’ll hide within a cowl

She thinks them to be dreadful
When the truth is that they’re great
And I constantly wait for more
For I really cannot wait

Though you may feel sad or angry
Though you may fill up with strife
You’re special, magnificent, Thalia-esque
And I hope you’ll go dancing through life


  1. OH!
    So beautiful and PERFECT! Yes! This is our Brilliant Thalia who we all love and charish!
    *runs back and f orth from hugginh Thalia to hugging Octa , then back to Thalia again*
    Once again you have ceated a masterpeice Octa! You have a wonderful magic that weaves itself from your poetry into our hearts!
    BRAVO, my friend! BRAVO!

  2. That's awesome, Octa. It was beautiful and true :D

  3. Yes! That tis Thalia!

    (What? Thalia created the rainbow squirrels?! WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!)

  4. *looks at title, then commences with dancing around randomly*

  5. Octa. Oh my God. Thank you so much! This is so beautiful. There are no words to describe how much this means to me.

    Oh Octa, I love this poem so much. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you!


    I did write a poem in school today. But it was on the back of a test (odd place to write a poem, I know). I think I'll get it back on Tuesday, so I'll post it then~

    (Mar - I think we semi-created the squirrels together. Along with Jimmybelle, who drew them for us~. I can't really remember, though.)

  6. Many poems have been written to you
    So many, that I don’t know what to say
    Everything’s already been said
    To you, in some way

    You’re brilliant and funny
    But this you must’ve already been told
    Your poems are beautiful, amazing
    What I’m saying must be getting old

    The truth is, this poem is late
    Long overdue
    For I have been meaning, for some time
    To write a poem for you

    But I didn’t know how to write it
    My mind always went blank
    But now I’m back with all my friends
    And I have them and you to thank

    Thank you for that poem
    Dancing Through Life
    It made my day, it made me smile
    It filled the whole room with light

    Thank you, Octaboona
    For being my friend
    Thanks for being there when the going gets tough
    And I hope you smile until the end

  7. this is pure epicness! i love it! there are no words to describe how fantastic this poem is its absolutely amazing!

  8. Thalia


    Thank you so much for that poem. I love it! Such beauty. Wait I know the word I'm looking for. Sincere.

    Thank you for being sincere.

  9. YAY!


    It's such a beautiful poem, and describes Thalia so perfectly!

    And then a second poem! From Thalia! DOUBLE YAY!

    Another fantastic poem! Brilliant!