Sunday, 26 June 2011

Forever Friends

OK. This poem is for Isabella's friend Dee who is leaving her school. Hope you enjoy!

Forever Friends

As you fly away forever my little Dee bird
Remember me
As the ring of friends, weeping at your departure
Recedes into the distant past
And there you were in the centre my little Dee bird
Of our friendship
And you too cried
As tears fell past your long curly hair
And sparkling blue eyes
Remember me

The many times you sang
Your beautiful voice echoed around my heart
And circled my soul
Dear Diddly Dee
Remember me
More wondrous than angels
More beautiful than the stars
Your friendship outshines them all
Donagha Dee
Remember me

For as you leave me
For another school, another place
As you soar from your nest
My little Dee bird
I’ll never forget your friendship
So precious
To me
I cry out to the world
For when you are gone
I cannot bear to part
And my only wish
Remember me

As I look upon your face
For the final time
Before you sail across the sea
Remember me
For long after you go
With your eyes of sparkling blue
Remember me always Dee
As I remember you.


  1. This is wonderful Octa! So beautiful and bittersweet. I know I've had to say goodbye to friends before so I can relate to this.
    What a treasure this poem is. I know the ones you wrote it for will be touched and delighted.
    Thanks you for posting this.

  2. Amazing Octa! So sweet and sad. Truly an astounding poem!

  3. An absolutely beautiful poem, as always. You've captured the essence of leaving perfectly. Well done, and thank you for posting :) Love it!

  4. This is sweet and sad at the same time!

    Very beautiful...


  5. Amazing, Octa! So beautiful and touching :]
    I love it