Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Dusk Defier

So this one's for Nyx. Although it may be short, this poem is one that I have spent much time on, revising over and over. You are one of the few people who comment on all of my poems for which I am most grateful. So I give to you.... The Dusk Defier.

The Dusk Defier

As the sun begins it journey to the solitude of sleep
And the deathly, drowsy, darkness from the craven caverns creep
As dusk regains dominion and descends into night
The Dusk Defier rises, a tenebrous light

Whilst the sombre shadows slither and the murky moon does prowl
Through the never ending ripples of a cloudy evening howl
Nyx Dawn awakens to vanquish the night
The Dusk Defier slaughters, with melanoid might

Though her soul is made of twilight and her eyes were formed from fire
Yet to bring about the sunrise is her heart’s only desire
As Nyx Dawn, Defier of Dusk, follows the fight
The Dusk Defier glimmers, brazen and bright

For the coming of the dawn time, is her duty and her joy
As Nyx Dawn seeks the sunset and then midnight to destroy
As the battle for the heavens will rage and ignite
The Dusk Defier’s passion whilst her mind is alight

Though her thoughts are coloured crimson and her master is the sun
Though the glacier is her downfall from the silence Nyx does run
Through cycles of cycles that end with the flight
As dawn turns to dusk, and day into night

Even as the darkness falls, defiance of death
Defines Nyx’s being, her blood, bones and breath
So as the sun begins its journey to the commence of the day
The Dusk Defier slumbers, as the shadows fade away


  1. PURE EPICA, Octa! No! It's beyond that!
    All your poems seem to capture a certain magic aura about them. This one has it too.
    The way you weave the words to tell a story is beyond any skill level I have seen.
    This one too is sophistiacated, magical, exciting, and inspiring.
    It's breathtaking. I love it Octa. I can't wait to see Nyx's reaction to it.
    She is a good friend to us all as are you!

  2. I do think you're a genius.

    I wish I could write poetry as well as you do...

  3. Amazing Octa! The words flow in a lovely manner (in the mind and out loud - I tend to read things to myself). A truly beautiful piece, my friend.

  4. Yep, still a genious!

    @Ev - so do we all.

  5. And I, obviously, am not a genius.

    *crosses out extraneous o*

  6. *an epic scream can be heard all around the universe*

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT! It truly is a beautiful poem!

    I love the way you tell stories...

    *hugs him*

    Thank you! :)

  7. ..................................................
    ~stunned silence~
    THAT was amazing.... SO amazingly brilliant, Octa..... wow......