Monday, 18 May 2015

Swimming in Stars

Finally dusted off my old brain and put some words to paper.

Swimming in Stars

The myriad grains that glow with heat
The sand untouched by human feet
A long white stretch of island bliss
Where sloping shore and ocean kiss

The deep blue touch of night descends
To swathe the emerald trees
In silent cloaks of shadow stars
That fall into the sea

And leave them drifting on the waves
The luminescent glow
Of tiny lives left shimmering
The aurora of below

An indentation in the sand
That melds time ravished stone
With reams of curious glowing stars
And traps them all alone


  1. This is beautiful and enchanting Octa! It sparkles like the stars themselves. :D It's refreshing to read another poem by the Purple Poet! Bravo! *applauds wildly*
    Brilliant writing, brother. I was looking for a favorite bit but find that I love it all. Thanks for posting this!

  2. DUDE THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! This is. So Good. I love this poem so much!!! I'm very emotional about and attached to space and the stars and this poem hit home hard for me, in a good way. It was so nice to read something from you again. It's fantastic!!