Sunday, 11 November 2012

Odrer and Cohas

Please let me know if this poem makes no sense whatsoever, I may have made some typos that ruin the effect. It should still be readable despite the rearrangment. If not then I'll post it in a more readable fashion. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Odrer and Cohas

Sngarte tihng to avecihe
To mkae you bleveie
How we atcaluly pcreevie
The uvinsere
Oredr and caohs are far mroe itrnexmeid
Dpinripg dwon
We can mkae ssnee of choas
Qtiue eliasy
Bilevneig it to be oerdr
Yet trhee is a ssene of snihmoetg odd
Not qutie the way taht it shloud be
But the way taht it cluod be, wolud be
We mkae our oerdr out of the lltite tghnis
The “how” and the “why” and the “who”
The eneecsss and scpeis and siptris
Ahtlguoh as lnog as the bnnniigeg and end saty the smae
The btrih and the detah
The redeaimnr is all yuros
To lvie as you psleae
To angrare as you wlil
And poelpe can sltil usantrednd you
Lvoe you
Eevn if you do seem a bit odd
Liinvg lfie yuor own way
We d’not look at the leertts
But the wrods
We d’not look at the dedes
But the wlhoe
And terhe is no seerct mgassee
Heddin in the tangels
Jsut an innochreet mlbmue
A haumn vcioe
The oredr is nssnnoee
And the cohas maeks ssene
If you oepn yuor eeys
And yuor mnid
And awylas look for mnianeg
In an iennffidret wolrd



    I can read this. Most humans should be able to (aliens, go away). However, there is a very small percentage of people who can't read this.

    But still seriously cool!