Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"News" Does Not Make An Interesting Title

 Yes. This post is all about news. And possibly orange juice.

Firstly "The Elviana Shore" has been accepted for publication on 31st October. I'll post pictures round about that time. :D

Girstly I'll be attending Derek's book signing at Bluewater on 9th September. I know that Lenka and Ven will be going but if anyone else is then let me know and I'll look out for you. On that note if there's anything you want to say to Derek, any questions or messages or whatever then let me know and hopefully I'll be able to pass them on.

Hirstly Kingdom of the Wicked was really awesome. And if you live in the UK then check the bookshops. Some have released it early. YAY!

Zirstly sorry for the lack of poems and stories. I just don't feel very creative recently.

Binally I want to do someting like this: Maybe a Nerdfighter based one. List any places that you think have any importance to Nerdfighteria in the comments. So far I have "The Bean" in Chicago (The Beckoning of Lovely), Hank/John's house/past houses/The island where the Evil Baby Orphanage will be built. Also Amsterdam (TFIOS) and I'll look up other places in John's other books.

Finally. Froop is not a word.


  1. Nice to hear from you again Octa! :D

    Yay for publication! Yay for the signing and meeting bloggers! Yay for KOTW! And it is perfectly fine that you have not been posting stuff! Neither have I!

    Why am I shouting!?

    Okay. Okay. Places for Nerdfighteria.

    Some places from books are:

    Agloe, New York (Paper Towns)
    Birmingham/Culver Creek Boarding School, Alabama (Looking for Alaska)


    I'll let you know if I think of more x)

  2. Okie, to do with your creativity?
    Recently I've been writing poems like my life depended on it, and that's a good part because of ThePianoGuys. Have you heard of them? If you have a chance, look them up on Youtube.
    It's like... They open the doors to the poems I want to write.
    It's really great.

    Oh, and, by the way, I know you're super uber busy, but if you have a spare moment, could you let me know of some good poetry magazines you know about?? I know they'll probably be British, but even so, I could look at their website or something and at least get ideas of what to look out for. Thanks

  3. Delightful post Octa! It brought a smile to my face. :D It is fantastic news to hear that one of your most epica poems is being published. I am just surprised they all are not. :)

    Loved the vid you included. So happy and the DANCING! YAY! *joins in*

  4. Good poetry magazines?

    This isn't just poetry but there is "Scribbler!" and for older readers "Wordsmith". Scribbler is for 7-11 year olds and Wordsmith 11-18.


    This is their website.

    Hope it helps :D