Monday, 16 July 2012


A journey into the surreal.


So I failed to get to the top 100 but at least I can post it again.


I come from my home of Silkensail
Across the airy sea
Where the whales sing
In the golden glow
Of a distant galaxy

For in Silkensail I was born and raised
Amongst the liquored stars
Those orbs of light
Would fall at night
Like drunken raindrops- crazed but ours

I often dream of Silkensail
With its rivers of music
Flowing up towards the sky
Each drop a single note
That was able to fly

I miss my life in Silkensail
The sprawling forests of fire
Trees of cooling flame
That bit with frosty teeth
In summer
The pebbles always sang
In Silkensail
A stony choir
Wailing in their multitudes
Like fossilised angels

My family never strayed
From Silkensail
Guarding the amethyst cats
Quiet docile creatures
From the pirate ships
Who descended from the darkness
To plunder their bodies
And sell them to Emperors
And lonely old men

I never looked back
At Silkensail
Never stopped to admire
The sandfish
Great dunes of fish
Or perhaps it was a shoal of sand
The two were often confused
At Silkensail

Many years have passed
Since Silkensail
Where dreams would float as bubbles
Through the rays of the honey-moon
Inside each bubble dream
Was a miniature sun-bear
Someone to talk to
Of Silkensail

My home is gone now.
Is Silkensail.
No longer do I taste the afternoons
Dozily watching the soft pink clouds
Many people found it bizarre
But to me, it was my childhood
My love and my home
Was Silkensail


  1. SO BREATH TAKENIGLY BEAUTIFUL OCTA! This is MAGICAL! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! *reads it over and over again* Pure, emotional, and a joy to read Octa. Well done you giffted genius Purple Poet!<3

  2. Wow.
    Octa, this poem is Beautiful!!
    This is why you won Best poet Award.

  3. Wow, Octa, that was brilliant :3
    I've always wanted to write something fun and fictional like this, but it always sounds so silly when I try :P
    ANYWAY, This was awesome-sauce :D

  4. I'm so enthralled by this poem. It is beautiful and brilliant and just a little melancholy. I love it :)

  5. OCTA! Can I have it emailed? ( might have to delete these comments just to be safe) *looks about shiftily*
    Good luck withthe comp! (not that you need it with yuor talent. Feel sorry for the other people though) :P *hugs Octa*