Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Harry Potter and Oxford

So a week ago I went to "The Making of Harry Potter" which is an exhibition in the studios where a lot of scenes from the Harry Potter films were filmed. It was extremely awesome. So it involved visiting many of the sets and looking at props and things. The sets that I loved the most was Dumbledore's Office, the Great Hall, the Potion's Classroom and the Burrow. And also Umbridge's Office. It is truly ghastly in the amount of pink inside it. Mindblowingly, brainbogglingly, jaw shatteringly pink. Then I got to drink actual butterbeer. It's fantastic.It tastes like cream and apples with bubbles. That is how I would describe it. Then there were the outside sets like Privet Drive and the Knight Bus and the Hogwart's bridge. But perhaps the most stunning thing was the model of Hogwarts that the art department had built. It was extremely intricate in detail and was scaled to 1/64 the size Hogwarts would actually be. So pretty huge model. It took 40 days to reconstruct it after transporting it. And I got to walk down Diagon Ally. That was bizarre. Go Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!

Apologies for lack of pictures but I forgot to take a camera.

And then a few days ago I visted Oxford University. It was fun. I got nuzzled by a rather friendly cow.


  1. :O Did you walk on the grass at Oxford? Did you?!

  2. I hope someday to be able to do the same Octa! I am glad you could go and see those sets! HOW EPICLY AWESOME! XD *hugs*
    Did you pet teh cow? I bet it was cute. XD
    And WHOA! Oxford University! FTW! Is that a Uni you would be interested in?