Sunday, 2 October 2011

An Evening Disrupted

This poem didn't make it either. Enjoy!

An Evening Disrupted

The calming rustle of leaves
As the wind brushes by
The patter of rain
From an overcast sky
The scratching of quills
The creak of a chair
The sounds of the evening
Are beyond compare

The crimson of sunset
The glow of the moon
The silver of raindrops
That cause the monsoon
The cream coloured parchment
The indigo sky
The sights seen at twilight
They pleasure the eye

The scent of a candle
The odour of ink
The cleansing fresh downpour
The minty lamb stink
The pleasant aroma of
Grass and of dew
The fragrance of nightfall
A tingling brew

The warmness of cocoa
The sharp tang of blood
The sour yellow bile
The choking thick mud
The salt and the sorrow
Of sweat and of tears
The bitter of panic
The black taste of fear

No smooth sensuous sheets
No coolness of silk
No plump juicy apricots
No spiced asses’ milk
Instead the rough touch
Of a coarse choking hand
The squeeze at the throat
A cold metal band

An evening disrupted
A lifetime disturbed
Sold into slavery
Psyche perturbed
Removed from their home
Beaten instead
Calm dusk destroyed for ever
Bought, ruined, dead

1 comment:

  1. Once again, the people who were running this competition must have been idiots to not recognize your genius. Another fantastic poem, Octa.